Why You Should Pick Us

Our estimates are not only free, but come with a comprehensive inspection of your roof, including photo documentation that can be used to backup any claims, as well as give you the ability to hold us, (or the other guys) responsible for any damage done to your roof.

You will also receive a detailed summary of the completed work for insurance and the resale of your home, upon request.

We are trained by the suppliers of our material in how to apply their products properly. Most shingles have several classes of warranties. Much like a car, you have “Comprehensive” warranty that covers everything, and you have Powertrain warranty that only covers major failure.

For example, by committing to six nails per shingle instead of four, you get the high wind warranty. We put six nails in every shingle; it’s just a habit for us!

Our team understands that you have a family and neighbors. We will do as little as possible to disturb those relationships. We play clean music, show up clean cut, we refrain from yelling and swearing, we have limits on our start and end times and do very thorough cleanup to ensure that you won’t be paying for your neighbors flat tire!

  • We provide a 5 year workmanship guarantee. If you have a leak or a shingle blow off, we will come fix it for free for 5 years.
  • We do not mark up our products. We are not in the business of selling shingles, we are in the business of selling ourselves, our service, and a good roof. You get the product at our contractor pricing.

No matter what roofing services you need, whether it’s roof repair or roof replacement, we have you covered. Schedule your free consultation today!